Who we are

We are a group of Friends, also known as Quakers, who trust in Christ as the Light within us, who leads us and shows us the love of God. We are building a community to support each other in Friendship. At the heart of this community we seek first to be led by the Spirit of Christ within. Our story comes to us from the Bible, from the life of Jesus and from the writings of Friends.

Friends encounter God simply. We gather for worship in silence, waiting for God to speak in our hearts, or through anyone present. We believe that all of life is sacred, not just the bits that happen on Sundays, and that everyone can ‘answer that of God within them’.

Friends of the Light was created in January 2011 by a small group of Friends responding to a leading to create spaces in the world where people could come together to encourage and support each other as they explored their relationship with God. In July 2012 we had the first of our bi-monthly gatherings at Woodbrooke (the Centre for Quaker learning in Birmingham, UK). In these gatherings, the community has begun to explore what it means to be Christian in the very distinctive way of Friends.

Friends of the Light is a gathering that is independent of any yearly meeting, including Britain Yearly Meeting (the official Quaker body in Britain). We welcome members, attenders and those unattached to any official Quaker body, to worship with us.