The All Seeing Eye

One morning I sat for worship on my own and began to settle. To give context to the experience that I explain below I had sat for about 80 minutes in all, in which time my eyes were always closed.

After sitting for a short time I began to move deeper into worship and lost all sense of time and body. At some point I became aware of bright lights appearing behind my eyes. At first the lights spread out and then they began to shrink back and merged together whilst intensifying in brightness. The light became smaller in size and the centre began to change. Suddenly I saw a single eye looking directly at me and it became very clear even though it was still surrounded by bright light. The eye was crisp and of a loving nature, I didn’t feel intimidated even though it seemed to “know” everything. A wonderful feeling enveloped me, until after a while it disappeared together with the bright light, but the feelings of calm and peace stayed with me for some while. As the sense of calm and peace slowly dissolved I came round to my own self and surroundings at which point I knew that worship had come to an end.


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