Asleep in bed I became aware of a presence within me which I believe to be Christ. Although I could not see this presence, He spoke with me and asked if He could show me something important and would I go with Him? I agreed to go with Him and the next thing that I remember was walking onto what I can only describe as a wide railway platform with a futuristic looking single passenger carriage waiting at the far side of the platform. There was no one else around and then I remember entering the open doors and sitting down in the carriage. I was alone in the carriage and suddenly I was whisked away quickly but smoothly and with no noise, although I was in a sort of tunnel effect – a bit sci-fi – ish. Around me it seemed as if I was going through time and space very fast but with no sense of physical change in me, only a feeling of not understanding what was happening, or where I was being taken.

After a short while I was quickly but smoothly brought to rest in what seemed like another single railway platform inside a structure that had only one exit. Even though I did not know where to go, or why I felt that I should leave the carriage, I stepped out onto the platform and walked down the short distance to where I could see a partially lit tunnel. As I walked towards the tunnel there were occasional people standing in the shadows. I ignored them and the platform became narrower until I was inside an old arched tunnel structure with a paved surface to walk on. As I walked down the tunnel the people that I passed became steadily more numerous and I became more nervous. Some of the people stepped towards me offering different goods and services which included things like sweets, newspapers and cigarettes. As I proceeded the tunnel seemed to become narrower and more intimate, as did the offerings now including drink, drugs and sex. The further that I walked the more numerous the people lounging about and the badgering became more intense and constant.

After a while, but not too long, the tunnel suddenly opened out into a large and well lit area with hundreds of people mingling about and lots of noise. I noticed in the far corner a set of steps leading to a door several feet above the crowd, I could clearly see the door above the heads of the people. I steadily made my way towards the the steps through the crowds, but as I neared the bottom of the steps the noise suddenly stopped and everyone turned towards me. As if by one voice all the people were telling me not to go up the steps and open the door as water would flood in and everyone would be drowned. Despite this warning I was still drawn to go through the door and I came to the bottom of the steps and when I put my foot on the first step it was if the whole crowd rushed towards me. They were shouting for me to stop, and yet I was able to continue up the steps without anyone physically stopping me, as if they were there but could not prevent me. I quickly climbed the steps and looked at the door, turned and looked at the crowd below me. As soon as I touched the door handle the crowd shouted “No!”

I opened the door quickly and felt such a rush of fresh air and the warmth of sunlight. I stepped through the door and closed it quickly behind me. It seemed as if I was standing on a wide pathway several metres wide with a low stone wall about waist height on the right hand side of me. The door that I had come out of was a substantial one in what looked like a castle of some sort which was also built of stone. I walked a few paces from the door and over to the wall on my right and as I looked over the wall I was greeted with the most beautiful scenery.  Beyond the wall was a sloping grassed bank which sloped from a wooded hillside to the left down to the valley bottom to the right where a river, not overly wide, gently flowed through the valley and passed the castle like building that I had come out of.

In the near distance were grassed and wooded hillsides on both sides of the river, then further away up the valley were high hills with snow capped mountains beyond them all bathed in wonderful light. The valley and hillsides were bathed in the most beautiful early summer evening glow, although there was no sun visible. I was the only person there and it was so peaceful. All I wanted to do was to slowly walk amongst the trees and along the grassed river bank where I instinctively knew that I was safe; and safe for ever!

I walked to the end of the low wall and round onto the grass and began to walk down and along the grassy bank towards the river, soaking up the beautifully peaceful atmosphere visually, aroma wise and emotionally. This was where my vision then suddenly ended.

This vision has had a massive effect on me and has cemented my faith in Christ more than I can describe, I still remember this vision which happened over two decades ago. I believe that this vision of valley, river, trees, mountains, light and peace is where my spirit will be after my earthly life has ended. Christ was showing me my mansion that He has ready for me, provided that I continue to be faithful to Him and follow His teaching during my earthly life.

Although this vision was, and still is, all in my deepest innermost mind, that too is where my spirit resides. I believe this is the part of me that is given everlasting life by Christ, the spirit of God.


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