No Need for Barriers

During a Meeting for Worship I became aware that I was being called to minister. After testing myself to ensure that it was Christ that was moving me and not just my own ego, I duly stood.

I was given words which spoke of the barriers erected by us as individuals and as groups or organisations. These barriers are cleverly disguised around carrying out some regular task such as “answering the queries”, or “must have beliefs, or understandings” that fit into historical contexts. On the one hand these systems, or creeds, can be innocent but if used to segregate can become methods of protection from outside influences. When we do not live, or own, our stated beliefs so that others see the evidence, we show that we are not what we proclaim to be and diminish our faith in their eyes and quite rightly so.

The words given included “if we claim to have Christ in our hearts why do we need anything else? We should go forward knowing that Christ will show us what to do and what to speak. We need not be afraid because we have all the protection, in a spiritual sense, that we need from the living Christ.”


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