When asleep in bed in the early morning, about 3 or 4am, I became aware of a power about me. Suddenly I could not move, I was aware that I was on my back and there seemed to be an unseen force that was holding me down. It felt as if there was a great unseen hand flat across my chest holding me into the bed and at the same time it felt as if my arms and legs were being drawn upwards. Suddenly I felt a great surge, as if my inner being was being pulled out of me through my hands, my feet and my mouth; and yet there was no sound that I was aware of. Almost immediately after these feelings began I also felt an awesome power filling my chest, it was as if my evil was being drawn from me and at the same time being replaced through my chest by a warming, glowing presence spreading throughout my whole body. I realised that it felt as if I was gasping to get my breath, yet I couldn’t move and then as my body seemed to be overtaken inside by such calmness, everything else that was happening ceased. I could not resist, I was frightened and yet for some reason I wanted these power changes within me to continue.

I felt such stillness and calmness within me so that I was completely relaxed throughout my body, mind and soul. The feeling was so beautiful that I felt at utter peace, the like of which I had never experienced before. Words cannot describe this whole experience, however hard I try, it was beyond words. I remember just laying wanting this peace throughout me to continue and never stop.

After a little while my wife asked me if I was now alright, to which I remember just answering “yes”, because all I wanted was for that peace to continue and not to be interrupted. I fell back to sleep and later that morning my wife asked what had happened as she had become aware that I was moving about in my sleep and seemed flustered. She said that I had been breathing heavily and moaning but she did not want to disturb me until I had calmed down.


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