Night Appearances

During 2016 there were several weeks, certainly more than a month, where I experienced the same vision each time as I settled to go to sleep. The vision did not appear every night but probably in about 4 or 5 out of each 7 nights.

My wife and I had settled to go to sleep and I became aware of a low glow, or diffused light at the far side of the window. At first I thought that the security light outside, we live in a bungalow, had come on. When I opened my eyes to look I could see that there was no security light on, but there was a shape against the far curtain, about 8 – 10 feet away from me. I could immediately see that the shape was in the form of an upper body clothed in white, with a face above it which I could not tell the features of, only vaguely the shape. It was perfectly still and gave out an aura of calm and peace which kept me calm in myself, I had no feelings of fear or discomfort. I could not take my eyes off the shape, but even though I watched for more than an hour until I fell asleep, I could not make out any more features. I realised during this time that I could not see anything below the white robe as if the legs and feet were not there. The vision remained perfectly still all the time that I watched. I was sure, on this first encounter, that the vision represented Christ and so after a while I asked Him, in a spiritual way “what did He want of me?” There seemed to be no direct response, only the continued calm and peace that came from Him to me.

This pattern was repeated on every occasion that I saw the vision and I always basked in His peace, sometimes for over an hour until I fell asleep. I never seemed to receive any particular teaching during these times, but as they continued many times each week I began to remain less concerned about this aspect and enjoyed the thought that Christ was visiting and comforting me for some reason that I didn’t understand.

I began to look forward to these encounters until, just as suddenly they stopped. I miss them still, but I am so thankful that I have experienced those visitations and that my faith has been further strengthened by them.


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